Tropica CO2 Diffuser 3 in 1

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Tropica CO2 diffuser contains a bubble counter and diffuser in just one unit. The bubble counter enables easy and accurate CO2 dosage, since it is easy to count the big bubbles inside the chamber during adjustment. A reflux valve prevents the bubble counter to run out of water, if the CO2 supply is suspended. The reflux valve does not secure your CO2 bottle or the solenoid valve.

Small CO2 bubbles are distributed in the tank and guarantee an optimal CO2 uptake by the water plants.

In order to ensure perfect adherence to the glass, make sure that the glass is clean and grease-free; apply an ultra-thin layer of Vaseline on the suction pads to ensure adherence.

Please keep in mind that, as a rule, a working pressure of at least 1.8 bar is required for the diffuser to work properly. Sometimes, pressure regulators with a pre-fixed working pressure (1.5 bar) do not produce sufficient pressure for the diffuser. Thus it is recommendable to run the atomiser only on a pressure regulator that allows you to adjust the working pressure yourself.


  • Bubble counter and ceramic diffuser in one
  • Customised ceramic disc, ensuring the efficient creation of micro bubbles
  • we recommend this diffuser for smaller aquaria with a volume of up to 60 l
  • with connection for standard 4/6mm tubing


Tropica – CO2 Diffuser
Diameter 30 mm
Ceramic Diameter 15 mm
Diffusor height 50 mm
Width 55 mm


When algae start forming on your glassware equipment or when larger and larger bubbles emerge from your ceramic diffusor it is time for cleaning. Glassware is easy to clean, however, it should be done diligently. After the cleaning process, your glassware products will be as good as new.

  • You’ll need a household bleach containing chlorine without perfumes. When working with chlorine bleach, please make sure you absolutely observe the manufacturer’s safety notes.
  • Pour some of the bleach into a container and mix with an equal amount of water. Mix so much of this solution that the glassware products you wish to clean are entirely covered
  • Soak the glassware in the solution for 1 to 4 hours (depending on the severity of the stains)
  • Take it out and rinse thoroughly
  • Now all the stains ought to be gone, and your glassware should shine as if new

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