AQUATIC VENTUREZ Shrimp Food | 30g


Specialized food for shrimps

  • All in one shrimp food
  • Fulfills the nutritional needs
  • Promote resistance to diseases

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Product Information


This all-in-one shrimp food is made through a special production process with carefully selected special ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of shrimps. This food ensures healthy shell growth and problem-free shell molting. Stabilized vitamin C and other vitamins promote resistance to diseases.

Feeding Instructions
Feed 1 time a day. Feed as much as the shrimps can eat within 60-90 minutes of feeding. Please remove the left-over feed immediately.

White Fish Meal, Wheat Flour, Wheat Germ, Yeast, Spirulina, Seaweed, Alder cones, Fish oil, Herbs, Alfalfa, Parsley, Spinach, Carrots, Garlic and Multi-vitamins.

Nutritional composition
Crude Protein: 38% | Crude Fat: 5% | Crude Fiber: 9% | Crude Ash: 12% | Moisture: 7%

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