AQUATIC VENTUREZ Krill Treats – Stick ON Tablets | 30g


Krill based stick-on-glass fish food

  • Krill based formula food
  • Highly nutritional & balanced diet
  • Promotes health and overall development

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Product Information

AQUATIC VENTUREZ Krill Treats – Stick ON Tablets

A multi-ingredient adhesive tablet food based on KRILL that you can stick on the glass to observe your fish feeding. Nutritional and energetic needs are satisfied by an exceptionally rich formula based on carefully selected ingredients that enhances the fish’s color and growth.

Feeding Instructions
Simply stick the tablet on a glass wall or any decorative object such as driftwood or rocks, sit back and watch the fish eat.

White Fish Meal, Krill Meal, Squid Meal, Spirulina, Soy Protein, Starch, Astaxanthin, Carotenoids, Lecithin, Fish oil, Yeast powder, Corn Meal, Glucans & Multi-vitamins.

Nutritional composition
Crude Protein: 38% | Crude Fat: 6% | Crude Fiber: 3% | Moisture: 10% | Crude Ash: 14%

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