AQUATIC VENTUREZ Micro Pellets | 30g


All in one formula food for small fishes

  • Promotes health, growth & color
  • Slow sinking micro granules
  • Loved by all small fishes

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Product Information

This astaxanthin-rich staple food is suitable for many small ornamental families of fishes such as tetra, barb, danio, guppy etc. The fine granulate material consists of many high-quality ingredients such as krill, insects, and algae, which ensure a balanced diet. The bite-sized foods promote the full expression of species-specific colors.

Feeding Instructions
Feed 2-3 times daily. Feed as much as the fish can eat within 2 minutes of feeding. Please remove the left-over feed immediately.

White Fish Meal, Squid Meal, Krill Meal, Corn Meal, Soy Bean Meal, Spirulina, Cod Liver Oil, Mysid, Yeast Powder, Carotenoids, Lecithin, Glucans & Multi-vitamins.

Nutritional composition
Crude Protein: 42% | Crude Fat: 6% | Crude Fiber: 5% | Moisture: 7%

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