AQUATIC VENTUREZ Instant Oxygen | 100g



  • Quickly dissolve oxygen to water for hours
  • Very handy while transporting the live fishes
  • Very useful in emergency situation during power-cut

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Dissolved oxygen is essential to meet the oxygen requirements of the aquarium, especially for overloaded tanks as well as for the growth of aerobic bacteria that decompose organic matter. In this product, Oxygen enhanced elements are combined in a unique way to increase dissolved oxygen levels in your aquarium and to enhance the water treatment process.

It quickly increase the oxygen levels in time of emergency such as, sudden power-cut, aquarium maintenance for longer duration or fish transportation. We always recommend to keep this product in stock. Single spoon dosage will oxiginate the water for 5-6 hours.

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Add 1 scoop (given inside) per 50 liters of water whenever required and during water change.

NOTE: Do not overdose, as it will not give more or fast results but it may alter the water pH & kH.

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