AQUATIC VENTUREZ Aqua Enhancer | 100g



  • Removes the contaminants, including heavy metals
  • Reduces the calcium and magnesium deposition on glasses
  • Helps increase the beneficial bacteria population

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This Aqua Enhancer helps neutralize hard metal and minerals content in the aquarium and soften the water. It has a unique active ingredient to reduce the calcium and magnesium deposition on glasses and filters. Regular usage will make glass clear and extend the power filters life.

It also contains a unique combination of minerals, vitamins and other essential elements needed to maintain a healthy aquarium and increases the beneficial bacteria population.

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Add 1 scoop (given inside) per 50 liters of water during water change.

NOTE: Do not overdose, as it will not give more or fast results but it may raise the TDS high.

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