AQUATIC VENTUREZ Aqua Base | 60cm Tank


Aquarium plant fertilizer

  • Slow-release nutrient depot
  • Used under the aquarium gravel bed
  • For healthy and long-term plant growth

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Product Information


Aqua Base is a slow-release nutrient depot for aquatic plants made of natural composition of clay, peat, essential nutrients and trace elements which is used under the aquarium gravel bed. It ensures healthy and long-term plant growth.

Sprinkle the Aqua Base at the bottom of the aquarium and cover it up with 2-4 inch thick gravel layer from front to back.

1 pack of Aqua Base is good enough for the bottom surface area of ​​24 x 12 inch (60x30cm).

This product requires top-up with gravel which is not included.

For optimum result, use it along with AQUATIC VENTUREZ Macro Boost, Micro Boost, Carbo Boost and Iron Boost.

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