AQUATIC VENTUREZ Amrut Kalash | 120ml


probiotics for ornamental fishes

  • For immunity, health & vitality
  • Improves water quality
  • Helps in digestive activity

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This break-through product is a micro-ecological preparation composed of various probiotics and nutritional factors and has a unique fermented acid fragrance.

It enhance the immunity, health & vitality as well as adjust the digestive enzyme activity and strengthen feed decomposition. It also balance the beneficial bacteria In the water and play a vital role in purifying the water quality by neutralizing ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

Option 1 – Soak 1 table-spoon of dried feed into 0.5ml of Amrut Kalash and let the feed soak the solution and then feed to your fish.
Option 2 – Dose 1ml per 10 liter of water after every week and after every water change.

NOTE: Don’t use when fishes are under any treatment.
Cap-full is 4 ml.

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