AQUATIC VENTUREZ Stainless Steel Tweezer | ANGLED


Planting Tool

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • For dense planting during the set-up phase
  • Holds even delicate plants safely
  • Facilitates effortless work

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Product Information

AQUATIC VENTUREZ Stainless Steel Tweezer | ANGLED

AQUATIC VENTUREZ Stainless Steel Angled Tweezers help you plant stem plants optimally into the substrate. With their handy form and their optimal tensioning force they lie well in your hand and prevents fatigue even during longer work in the aquarium.

The tips of the tweezers / forceps have a fluting, which ensure that plants find a perfect hold. Especially when an aquarium is newly set-up you should use such a tool in order to comfortably place ground-covering plants, stem plants and other fine-leaved plants.

Due to the angled shape can be also reaches inaccessible areas of the aquarium between rocks and roots.

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